I got my first knifefrom my father when I was six. I learned working with wood before I went to school from my cabinetmaker grandfather, who lived in the same house as my parents in Finland.  When I was thirteen, I made my first guitar in school woodworking class and as I got older, I started making and repairing instruments as a hobby. After high school I attended Ikaaline college of arts and crafts in Finland. While there, I went to have a work experience in England for Philip Brown Violins. I found my calling in violinmaking and I got offered a job and got accepted to study in Newark School of violinmaking where I graduated 2005. I developed an interest for bow making while studying in violin making school. In 2008 I moved to New York to work for Christophe Landon as a restorer. There, I had chances to work with many fine instruments, bows and great players.  I made copies of old masters works to learn to understand their magic. Since May 2014 I opened my own workshop.





Picture by Yuti Chang